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Professional Hair Care Services   



 Our stylists are knowledgeable about the latest techniques and trends. They truly care about your needs and desires and will work one on one with you in order to create a customized look that compliments your face, highlights your features, and reflects your personality and style.

They will strand test your hair to be sure to use the correct shampoo and conditioners are used that its best for your hair to give you that beautiful, healthy, shiny hair!  We use Organic Care Systems, UK,  and O’right Botanical hair care products that are both safe, gentle, and Eco-Friendly for the environment for all your hair care services. 

O’right Botanical Eco line is a the first company to create an all biodegradable plant based bottles that you can feel good about tossing or burying in your back yard because they decompose back to our where they began..simply back to nature! Even some of the bottles have a seed you can plant to enjoy and as a reminder to give back what earth so generously gives to us in the beauty of the flowers, grasses, herbs and trees. They use renewable ingredients and safe for the environment including the waters that eventually become the waters we drink.  Using these products only makes perfect sense for a healthy body and a healthy earth. We hope you will enjoy the beautiful natural smells of both lines.

From Organic Systems fruits like citrus orange, and grapefruit, to O’rights botanical floral scents all from the real source…plants, fruits, and flowers.  Both lines are equally pure, safe and beautiful. The hardest part is choosing which ones you like the most. We offer both lines for home care in our salon.

Women’s Shampoo Cut & Style- $35
Hot Iron $10 & up- ADD ON
Women’s Shampoo & Blow Dry Style $28
Women’s Wet Cut  $28
Young Lady’s Cut & Style  – $24 & up *13 yrs & up
Simple Kid’s Cut, -$15  *12 and under

Men’s Cut – $22
*Extra charges may apply for extra thick or long style out.

  Organic Colour Systems Hair Color, Perms, & Conditioning


 Just say no to ammonia. Ammonia is a damaging corrosive toxin that should be kept out of salons. It severely damages the cuticle and destroys tyrosine, the hair’s protein that develops hair’s natural pigmentation. The more the tyrosine protein is damaged, the less capable the hair is of holding on to color. It is a caustic toxin that causes both short and long term damage to the throat and lungs.   

  Organic Color Systems creates a more beautiful and natural looking color that last longer.
No more harsh chemical odors
No more corrosive damage to the hair
No scalp itching or discomfort
No staining of the scalp or skin_
Longer lasting tonal values
Beautiful reds that fade on tone
Cleaner blondes
Superior grey coverage  

  • What Organic Colour Systems, Herb UK says Healthy Salons offer…
  • A breath of fresh air. We don’t like ammonia. We don’t like the smell or what it does to hair and we never use it.
  • We believe in using natural ingredients that smell amazing and create healthier, ammonia-free salons that are nice places to work.
  • Our salons are – literally – a breath of fresh air to the hair colour industry.
  • Certified organic ingredients. By using more certified organic ingredients and fewer chemicals we’ve created an effective way to colour hair as naturally as possible.
  • We combine the best of British know-how and natural ingredients to create hair colour with absolutely no ammonia, resorcinol or parabens.
    And we make our own beautiful hair products in the heart of the New Forest in Hampshire using lovely natural, organic ingredients.
  • High performing products. Our unique hair colour system is gentler on hair and locks in colour, moisture and goodness to every strand.
    So not only is your salon healthier but hair looks naturally healthier and glossier with radiant colour.
  • Salons that stand out. By offering our unique, natural and ethical hair colour alternative salons stand out from the competition and attract new clients.
  • Clients love the Organic Colour Systems difference – and get hooked on our healthier approach to outstanding results.



Organic Colour Systems  
No Ammonia, No Fumes, No Burning –
Hair color & Highlights

We use the beautiful and well established since 1994 in Britain,Organic Colour Systems color and hair care line for all our services. It truly is a change for the better!
*Prices begin below and increase with length from short, shoulder, mid back, extra long, extra thick.

Root to end – $70  & up  

Re-growth roots –  $65 & up to 1 inch
Half head foils – $70 & up 
Full Head foils – $95 & up  
Few Foils – $48 & up 

*Extra color/highlight charges may apply for extra thick or extra long hair.
Extra per color, multi-dimensional custom look:  $20 & up min. add on.
Consultation required for total cost evaluation for all color corrections.
Color Corrective services are usually very time consuming and require more than the routine type of color services offered. Charges for these after the free consultation : $150 first hour, $75 additional per hour will include the color and technique required to do what’s best for the integrity of your hair at the time to achieve the best results at this time.

Total cost may not be able to be established until the service steps are completed to reach the corrected color desired. We will do all we can to give you the best results possible. However, at times it is best to do these in steps for the best results and may require more than one visit to complete. All situations may vary and consultation is the best way to establish your individual needs for your hair. 
  NWOS reserves the right to deny a client services based on desired results should it be questionable to do so without compromising the hairs integrity for any reason.

*If any client agree’s to such situations NWOS will not be held liable or responsible for such damages and will required to sign a release form to continue on with such services. 

Some ask why? We say, why not?
Organic System Colour was developed and manufactured in the United Kingdom in 1996 and came to the USA in 2003.

We believe it is the best professional, and truest organic color on the market that does what it says and is safe for your whole body. You are conditioning your hair every time you color your hair due to the high content of plant base oils and nutrients that actually heal and mend the hair. Traditional ammonia color is highly caustic and dries the cuticle of the hair and eventually compromises the protein core where color is held and this color will not stay in your hair if the cuticle can’t closed back down. You then wash with a traditional shampoo and it washes the color right out because this also opens the cuticle in the same way even more. It’s a no win situation and there is no need to keep harming your scalp and skin along with your hair just so you can color your hair.  It’s about time for that change…a great healthy change!

Organic Colour System and hair care from the UK. 

You have nothing to lose and everything to gain…your health, your hair, your whole body will be glad you did!
If you are not completely satisfied you can always go back to toxic chemicals…it’s your choice.
But. why would you? Bets are that you won’t. Give it a try!
Happy coloring!      Beauty….inspired by nature!

*For clients that are very sensitive to color in the past, or if you are health compromised in anyway and your immune system is at a low threshold we require a patch test for 24 to 72 hours before a color or perm service. You could have become sensitive toward plant ingredients or oils also,  and we want to be sure that your body has no reaction because of your sensitivity level. This is a rare occasion but does occur in some instances as the body is in a sensitive rejection mode to protect you. If you have done color for years, and had no problem but now in your later years have a bad reaction such as breathing issues, burning, itching , or even blistering then your body is telling you to stop what you are doing.There is always the first time for any reaction to something. It’s that simple. You have become allergic to the ingredients in your color and most likely that is ammonia first and foremost. If you know this then the next step is to try the most gentle color available. We believe we  have it. Should you have a reaction we will not perform the color or perm service for you but would love to continue having you as a client for our many other services we offer.  Thanks!



Organic Curl System (No ammonia perms)

  • Optimum Conditioning
  • Self Balancing, Optimized for Color
  • Perms up to 100% White Hair
  • True-to-Rod Curl
  • Low pH, No Ammonia
  • No Sodium Thioglycolates
  • No Ammonium Thioglycolates
  • No Sodium Hydroxide or Guanidine Hydroxide
  • No Lye, Lye Mixtures, or Lye Derivative

Hair length and thickness will vary from client to client. Once we are able to visually see your hair we can determine actual prices for your hair service. *Therefore price adjustments may be made after evaluating your hair once you come into the salon for your service. 
This will require a consultation before making appointment. 
Short to chin – $100 & up
Shoulder $130 & up
Mid back-$160 & up 
Hair & Scalp Conditioning Treatment
Hair and scalp needs special attention sometimes and when it does we have just what it needs. These powerful, yet gentle reconstructing conditioners work from the inside out to put protein into damaged hair for strength, and moisture to soften the cuticle which allows it to seal down for beautiful silky and shiny hair. The environment, such as city water with chlorine and well water with hard minerals can cause imbalances or coatings to your hair, Medications can also create issues for your hair, but most of all, using harsh shampoo’s, conditioner’s, color and perms with ammonia and other toxic chemicals do the most damage. Let our Organic hair care system repair and maintain your hair today!

Organic Salon Systems Deep re-construction treatments:
Power Build Re-constructor   $15 & up
Aqua Boost Re-constructor    $15 & up
Soothe Hair & Scalp Treatment  $20

Revamp rebuilding protein treatment $15
*Organic Systems Hair care products are available to purchase
in the salon to  maintain your beautiful hair on a daily basis.

O’Right Botanical Essential Oil Treatments:
Sunflower Essential oil – $15 & up
Purple Rose Essential oil- $15 & up

Golden Rose Essential oil- $15 & up 

*Depends on length, texture, and thickness of hair.
O’Right hair care products are available to purchase
in the salon to  maintain your beautiful hair on a daily basis.

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