Organic Colour Systems


NO Ammonia, NO Formaldehyde, NO Fumes! Healthy Hair & Body!

Organic Color Systems is truly different because it softens the hair with plant oils and nutrients, along with heat to open the cuticle to allow it’s nutrient rich, wheat protein, plant based oils, and low and safe color pigments to enter the hair gently. This is unlike traditional color that uses caustic, and smelly ammonia to dry out the hair to open the cuticle and damages the integrity of the hair, thus not allowing it to properly close the cuticle back down again. This is why color is lost after many traditional color services with ammonia. The hair is highly damaged at this point. Instead, it is then coated with parabens, waxes, or polymers to pretend the hair is smooth and silky…..until the next shampooing.
This is when most clients realize that along with the ammoniated color, sulfate shampoo’s, blow drying, hot ironing, etc, that they understand their hair is damaged beyond repair with the traditional products. What the hair needs is to be reconstructed with natural plant based nutrients and oils to bring the PH back to it’s perfect place so the hair can mend and close the cuticle completely once again. This, and only this is the way hair can hold color and have that beautiful strength and shine. Organic Colour Systems products can do this for your hair and it’s safe for your body too! Why keep on damaging your hair and body when you don’t have too? Give it a try and like most clients you probably will never go back to traditional color or hair care products. What have you got to lose? Your hair and your health!

NO Ammonia, NO Formaldehyde, NO Thioglycoalates Beautiful, bouncy curls!

Soft, silky curls with the absolutely 100% Ammonia Free Curl System (Perms). No frizz, no residual odors to smell for days as traditional perms left you with, just natural looking body, bounce and curls!

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